What is the Definition of Faith

People and Christian leaders are always saying “we need to have faith”. What does that mean or has it just become some kind of cliché that is used for a general explanation? The definition of Faith is: confidence or trust in a person or thing; belief that is not based on proof; belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion; the obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person. Christian Theology the trust in God and in His promises as made through Christ and the Scriptures by which humans are justified or saved. In other words; acceptance, belief, confidence, conviction, hope, loyalty, or truth. Faith is looking beyond yourself, seeing that there are too many coincidences to believe that we have not been designed by intelligence greater then ours. When the bible told us that the earth is round everyone thought that it was flat: It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth. Isaiah 40:22 KJV  This is just one example in the bible there are many more. We have been told in the bible that He does not change: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 ESV  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. John 1:1-4 KJV   Put simply faith is trust.

Simply Trust

When we were children we put our faith in those who were raising us our parents, grandparents, mom, and dad, whoever was there to take care of our needs. We went to school and became educated and trust that the education that was received was accurate and true. Then off to a job or college reassuring ourselves that what was taught was legit without an agenda or without any sort of bias, we have faith that what was taught was accurate.  So what do you trust every day?

We wake up in the morning because we trust that our alarm clock will wake us up. There is trust in that first cup of coffee to start the day feeling awake and on top of world. Then there is the trip to all of the events of the day, maybe in a car, on a path, uber, bus or a train. If being true to ourselves we know that every single one of these can let us down. We believe so many things in this life that we either have not seen; we have faith (trust) that what we are being told is true. As we gain more and more information and understanding there is more and more proof that the “stories” in the bible are true and undeniably accurate. So why is it so hard to put our faith in God?

On the Path

Through Faith God has given us a path to eternal life; it is all we need to know Jesus Christ John 3:16 NIV For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. If you believe Matthew 21:22 NIV If you believe, you will receive what you ask for when you pray,” God sacrificed His one and only son to forgive our sins so when you have faith Matthew 21:21 NIV Jesus replied, “What I’m about to tell you is true. You must have faith and not doubt this is all God wants us do to be one of His children.

In the Dictionary Faith is quoted as: a strong belief or trust in someone or something

Nation built by Faith

As I was praying about what God wanted me to share on this page He reminded me of a story that I have never heard of being associated or taught as being a lesson in faith. After Joseph had passed away and the current king of Egypt did not know who he was (Exodus 1:8 ESV) this new king was alarmed by how much the Israelites had multiplied. “Behold, the people of Israel are too many and too mighty for us. Come, let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they multiply, and, if war breaks out, they join our enemies and fight against us and escape from the land.” Therefore they set taskmasters over them to afflict them with heavy burdens. They built for Pharaoh store cities, Pithom and Raamses.

But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and the more they spread abroad. And the Egyptians were in dread of the people of Israel. So they ruthlessly made the people of Israel work as slaves and made their lives bitter with hard service, in mortar and brick, and in all kinds of work in the field. In all their work they ruthlessly made them work as slaves. Then the king of Egypt said to the Hebrew midwives, one of whom was named Shiphrah and the other Puah, “When you serve as midwife to the Hebrew women and see them on the birthstool, if it is a son, you shall kill him, but if it is a daughter, she shall live.” Exodus 1:10-16 ESV This made a mother so desperate to save her baby that she broke down and built a little basket that could float in water. Slowly weaving together reeds and smoothing the pitch to make sure that there were no leaks.

On her knees with tears in her eyes “Please Lord save my baby I do not want him to die, Lord I plead with You he does not deserve to die. I release him into your hands, protect him, guide him give him the life that I cannot.” As she clears the tears from her eyes she swaddles her baby boy in his favorite blanket and places him in the hand crafted basket and placed in the water and walked away. She had her daughter to watch him to make sure he was ok she could not bear to watch what she had just done. As the sister was watching along came a group of girls and as they got closer she could make out who they were it was the Kings daughter the very same king that demanded all the male Hebrew children be executed.

“O lord no please do not let her find him she will have him thrown in the river, lord please comfort him so that he does not cry”

as the tears and fear start to overwhelm his sister. He starts to cry and the Pharaohs daughter commands one of her servants to go fetch the baby out of the river. She saw the basket among the reeds and sent her servant woman, and she took it. When she opened it, she saw the child, and behold, the baby was crying. She took pity on him and said, “This is one of the Hebrews’ children.” Exodus 2:5-6 ESV His sister had to think fast seeing that the Pharaohs daughter had pity on her brother she nonchalantly walks out of the woods walking up and said: “Shall I go and call you a nurse from the Hebrew women to nurse the child for you?” And Pharaoh’s daughter said to her, “Go.” Exodus 2:7-8 ESV

So his sister went and got their mother Jochebed (and she bare unto Amram Aaron and Moses, and Miriam their sister. Numbers 26:59 ESV) When returning with her mother; Pharaoh’s daughter said to her, “Take this child away and nurse him for me, and I will give you your wages.” Exodus 2:9 ESV “Oh Lord thank you! You saved my child and now I will get to know and take care of my child.” Because she trusted that God would take care of everything she was able to raise the man who would free the Hebrew people from the slavery and oppression that they had been living under. More proof that when you give it to God nothing is too big for Him to accomplish. Faith in action!

Healed by Faith

There are many stories in the bible where Jesus healed and took care of people because they had unconditional faith in him Matthew 9:2 NIV Some men brought to him a paralyzed (disabled) man, lying on a mat. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man, “Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven.” Mathew 9:6-7 NIV he said to the paralyzed man, “Get up, take your mat and go home.” Then the man got up and went home. In Luke by Jesus just seeing faithfulness He forgave Luke 5:20 NIV When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.”

Faith in a Touch

Yet another story just by a simple touch a women who had a disorder that had made her bleed for 12 years was healed just because of her faith Luke 8:43-48 NIV A woman was there who had a sickness that made her bleed. Her sickness had lasted for 12 years. No one could heal her.  She came up behind Jesus and touched the edge of his clothes. Right away her bleeding stopped. “Who touched me?” Jesus asked. Everyone said they didn’t do it. Then Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pushing against you.” But Jesus said, “Someone touched me. I know that power has gone out from me.” The woman realized that people would notice her. Shaking with fear, she came and fell at his feet. In front of everyone, she told why she had touched him. She also told how she had been healed in an instant. Then he said to her, “Dear woman, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” To gain righteousness all we need is faith Romans 1:17 NIV For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”

Unrelenting Faith

Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen. This testimony of faith is what previous generations were commended for. Faith empowers us to see that the universe was created and beautifully coordinated by the power of God’s words! He spoke and the invisible realm gave birth to all that is seen.

Faith moved Abel to choose a more acceptable sacrifice to offer God than his brother Cain, and God declared him righteous because of his offering of faith. By his faith, Abel still speaks instruction to us today, even though he is long dead. Faith lifted Enoch from this life and he was taken up into heaven! He never had to experience death; he just disappeared from this world because God promoted him. For before he was translated to the heavenly realm his life had become a pleasure to God. And without faith living within us it would be impossible to please God.

For we come to God in faith knowing that he is real and that he rewards the faith of those who give all their passion and strength into seeking him. Faith opened Noah’s heart to receive revelation and warnings from God about what was coming, even things that had never been seen. But he stepped out in reverent obedience to God and built an ark that would save him and his family. By his faith the world was condemned, but Noah received God’s gift of righteousness that comes by believing.

Faith motivated Abraham to obey God’s call and leave the familiar to discover the territory he was destined to inherit from God. So he left with only a promise and without even knowing ahead of time where he was going, Abraham stepped out in faith. He lived by faith as an immigrant in his promised land as though it belonged to someone else. He journeyed through the land living in tents with Isaac and Jacob who were persuaded that they were also co-heirs of the same promise.

His eyes of faith were set on the city with unshakable foundations, whose architect and builder is God himself. Sarah’s faith embraced the miracle power to conceive even though she was barren and was past the age of childbearing, for the authority of her faith rested in the One who made the promise, and she tapped into his faithfulness. In fact, so many children were subsequently fathered by this aged man of faith—one who was as good as dead, that he now has offspring as innumerable as the sand on the seashore and as the stars in the sky! These heroes all died still clinging to their faith, not even receiving all that had been promised them.

But they saw beyond the horizon the fulfillment of their promises and gladly embraced it from afar. They all lived their lives on earth as those who belonged to another realm. For clearly, those who live this way are longing for the appearing of a heavenly city. And if their hearts were still remembering what they left behind, they would have found an opportunity to go back. But they couldn’t turn back for their hearts were fixed on what was far greater, that is, the heavenly realm! So because of this God is not ashamed in any way to be called their God, for he has prepared a heavenly city for them.

Faith operated powerfully in Abraham for when he was put to the test he offered up Isaac. Even though he received God’s promises of descendants, he was willing[o] to offer up his only son! For God had promised, “Through your son Isaac your lineage will carry on your name.” Abraham’s faith made it logical to him that God could raise Isaac from the dead, and symbolically, that’s exactly what happened.

The power of faith prompted Isaac to impart a blessing to his sons, Jacob and Esau, concerning their prophetic destinies. Jacob worshiped in faith’s reality at the end of his life, and leaning upon his staff he imparted a prophetic blessing upon each of Joseph’s sons. Faith inspired Joseph and opened his eyes to see into the future, for as he was dying he prophesied about the exodus of Israel out of Egypt, and gave instructions that his bones were to be taken from Egypt with them.

Faith prompted the parents of Moses at his birth to hide him for three months, because they realized their child was exceptional and they refused to be afraid of the king’s edict. Faith enabled Moses to choose God’s will, for although he was raised as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, he refused to make that his identity, choosing instead to suffer mistreatment with the people of God. Moses preferred faith’s certainty above the momentary enjoyment of sin’s pleasures. He found his true wealth in suffering abuse for being anointed, more than in anything the world could offer him, for his eyes looked with wonder not on the immediate, but on the ultimate—faith’s great reward!

Holding faith’s promise Moses abandoned Egypt and had no fear of Pharaoh’s rage because he persisted in faith as if he had seen God who is unseen. Faith stirred Moses to perform the rite of Passover and sprinkle lamb’s blood, to prevent the destroyer from harming their firstborn. Faith opened the way for the Hebrews to cross the Red Sea as if on dry land, but when the Egyptians tried to cross they were swallowed up and drowned!

Faith pulled down Jericho’s walls after the people marched around them for seven days! Faith provided a way of escape for Rahab the prostitute, avoiding the destruction of the unbelievers, because she received the Hebrew spies in peace. And what more could I say to convince you? For there is not enough time to tell you of the faith of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel, and the prophets. Through faith’s power they conquered kingdoms and established true justice.

Their faith fastened onto their promises and pulled them into reality! It was faith that shut the mouth of lions, put out the power of raging fire, and caused many to escape certain death by the sword. In their weakness their faith imparted power to make them strong! Faith sparked courage within them and they became mighty warriors in battle, pulling armies from another realm into battle array. Faith-filled women saw their dead children raised in resurrection power. Yet it was faith that enabled others to endure great atrocities.

They were stretched out on the wheel and tortured, and didn’t deny their faith in order to be freed, because they longed for a more honorable and glorious resurrection! Others were mocked and experienced the most severe beating with whips; they were in chains and imprisoned. Some of these faith champions were brutally killed by stoning, being sawn in two or slaughtered by the sword.

These lived in faith as they went about wearing goatskins and sheepskins for clothing. They lost everything they possessed, they endured great afflictions, and they were cruelly mistreated. They wandered the earth living in the desert wilderness, in caves, on barren mountains and in holes in the earth. Truly, the world was not even worthy of them, not realizing who they were. These were the true heroes, commended for their faith, yet they lived in hope without receiving the fullness of what was promised them. But now God has invited us to live in something better than what they had; faith’s fullness! This is so that they could be brought to finished perfection alongside of us. Hebrews 11:1-40 TPT

Not by Works but by Faith

In the bible it explains that through faith and not good works or the law that we are saved because Christ took our sins on the cross. Galations 3:11-14 NIV Clearly no one who relies on the law is justified before God, because “the righteous will live by faith.” The law is not based on faith; on the contrary, it says, “The person who does these things will live by them.” Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole.” He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit.

Always remember believe, have faith, that is what He wants and always remember you can never love too much!

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Getting to Know Him

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