to deceive.
1. Not true; not conformable to fact; expressing what is contrary to that which exists, is done, said or thought. A false report communicates what is not done or said. A false accusation imputes to a person what he has not done or said. A false witness testifies what is not true. A false opinion is not according to truth or fact. The word is applicable to any subject, physical or moral.
2. Not well founded; as a false claim.
3. Not true; not according to the lawful standard; as a false weight or measure.
4. Substituted for another; succedaneous; supposititious; as a false bottom.
5. Counterfeit; forged; not genuine; as false coin; a false bill or note.
6. Not solid or sound; deceiving expectations; as a false foundation
False and slippery ground.
7. Not agreeable to rule or propriety; as false construction in language.
8. Not honest or just; not fair; as false play.
9. Not faithful or loyal; treacherous; perfidious; deceitful. The king’s subjects may prove false to him. So we say, a false heart.
10. Unfaithful; inconstant; as a false friend; a false lover; false to promises and vows.
The husband and wife proved false to each other.
11. Deceitful; treacherous; betraying secrets.
12. Counterfeit; not genuine or real; as a false diamond.
13. Hypocritical; feigned; made or assumed for the purpose of deception; as false tears; false modesty. The man appears in false colors. The advocate gave the subject a false coloring.


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