Bible what do you wantJohn 1:38 Jesus saw them following and asked, “What do you want?”

Reading the bible this morning God gave me something that slapped me in the back of the head. Have you ever asked yourself why am I following Jesus? I know that with the awesome music that our fellow Christians have created has shown so many people who the lord is. I ask that you sit down and ask yourself am I following Jesus because he is the one and only savior that died for my sins or am I following Jesus because it is “cool”. “In the Life Application Study Bible” it gave me something to think about: Following Christ is not enough; we must follow him for the right reasons. To follow Christ for our own purposes would be asking Christ to follow us to align with us to support and advance out our cause, not his.

Dear Heavenly Father, Open my eyes to see what the path is that you want me travel. I know that you have said that the path to righteousness is narrow please guide my steps so that I do not trip and fall off of this path! In Jesus Name Amen


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