What’s the Story

I have heard the 7 churches quoted by so many people over the years so I wanted to find out why! I wanted to find out where exactly these 7 churches were located, and the reason that thy seem to matter so much. I found historical information on these cities, how they are doing now, and if they even exist now. I wanted to learn what they were like back then, the people, economy and religious practices. By doing this research I found out that the Roman’s where meticulous book keepers and that the strength and tenacity that the early Christians had was astounding. This is how I made the decision and the information I found…..

Unrelenting Tenacity

I have been in prayer asking God what I should share and study next, He was very admit that I did a study on the 7 churches that are represented in the book of Revelation. So in this study I am going to share everything that I was directed to study, this is going to be a comprehensive study that will completely explain what is known of these churches. The first place that we always want to start is in prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity to study the churches that You expressed love and concern for. Please guide me through these passages so that I may understand everything that you have for me Lord. Help me to apply it to my surroundings, show me what you meant in everything that was written and may this be your input and not mine. In Jesus Name Amen.

The Seven Churches

There are seven churches that are being addressed in Revelation 2-3 , they are commended for their good but are also being reprimanded and rebuked for the items they have lost, ignored and allowed. We can currently look around and think that everything is so bad; when we study each one of these churches you will see the tenacity it took to live the life of a Christian in those days showing we cannot yet compare it to the hardships of the present time. The message that was given to each one of these churches can be applied today making our relationship with Christ closer than you could ever imagine. I will break each church explanation down by verse, word and important statements. We will go over the geography, social and economic environment of each church. Lets begin:









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