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“How long will this people despise me? And how long will they not believe in me, in spite of all the signs that I have done among them? Numbers 14:11 ESV

Have you ever sat down and considered everything that God has done for you throughout your life. The little things that only you know about that cannot be explained by “logical” reason.  

We as humans try to analyze and explain everything and when it does not fit our goals we have a tendency to dismiss it. I have even heard scientist say we have to fill in the blanks with our imagination to explain how things work.

Some will say it is all caused by satin. The devil’s goal has always been to keep us apart from what God is doing, and wants done. The devil has injected himself into the foundation of our lives. But do realize that it is not always the devil but our own selfish desires.

Sometimes we do not want to see it, other times it is an attempt to make excuses for the way we want to act. God has given us so many chances to get to know Him and have the opportunity to be with Him for eternity. If you read the bible you can see through His word that there has been so much prophesy full-filled that you will know He is knock at the door screaming hurry I am coming in.


Dear Heavenly Father, help me to see You and all the things that You do. Help me to see those things that from the devil and see the things that are my desires. Please give me the strength to help fix it the way that You have always intended me to be. Thank you Lord for everything that you have done for me. In Jesus Name Amen

Getting to Know Him

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