Dear Heavenly Father, I stand before you trying to understand Your word. Help show me the direction that You have planned for me to travel. Lord show me what I should do giving me the discretion to understand what are my thoughts and the humility to take Your thoughts and make them mine. In Jesus Name Amen

What is there in a date? Why when we are told that it is none of our business that we turn it into our main focus? There are so many that have an overwhelming fascination with the day of Jesus Christ’s return that it is all they focus on. There is a question we each need to ask ourselves; Am I perfect? If we look inside we can all truthfully say no! When we answer that question honestly then we know that we have other issues to focus on then a date that has been made clear that no one knows or will know. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23 There is no reason to feel discontent and anxiety which can lead to disappointment and finally a complete loss of faith.

To begin with…..

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